Dicho's Legacy

Dicho's son Avram (L), Avram's son Krsto (R), and Krsto's children:

Ariton, Sarzho, Temyana, Yovan and Moyso

People of Dicho's Time

Maksim Nenov (1870-1903) - student of Dicho - and his fellow-revolutionary Dimitar Stefanov.

A woman in a typical dress from Tresonce and the Miyak region

Georgi Pulevski, (1817-1893) writer and revolutionary from the Miyak region

A Tresonce couple, 19th c. typical dress for the Miyak region

Traces of Dicho's time: present-day Tresonche

Selection of works by Dicho's son Avram Dichov (1840-1923) - and his studio

Archangel with commemorative scrolls, 1875, Patriarchate of Pec, Serbia

Monastery Church of the Immaculate Virgin, Kichevo, North Macedonia, 1881

Dome with Christ Pantocrator, Kichevo

Church of St. Eliyah, Melnitsa, Mariovo, North Macedonia, 1881

Scroll with the dedication by the donor of the church - and various frescoes by Avram Dichov - Melnitsa, Mariovo

Church of Joachim of Osogovo - Andrey Damyanov (architect), frescoes by Avram Dichov and Miron Iliev - with some later additions

Church of the Transfiguration, Gopesh, Bitola - frescoes and icons by Josif Radev, one of Dicho Zograf's disciples

Fifty icons were stolen from this church in 2013. They have not been recovered.

In addition, the church is severely damaged by years of neglect and absence of concerted conservation efforts.

Photo of the icon screen, before the 2013 theft

Photo of the icon screen, after the 2013 theft

Avram Dichov, Mother of God with Three Hands, ca. 1890