Mapping Dicho's World

Dicho Zograf was born in the village of Tresonce, North Macedonia...

... but he worked throughout the country and the wider region, including in neighboring Serbia, Bulgaria, and Greece

The following map shows the most important churches in North Macedonia with his frescoes and icons

1 - St. John the Baptist, Bigorski Manastir, Rostushe

2 and 3 - Saint Nicholas and Saints Peter and Paul, Tresonce

4 - Saint Eliyah, Selce

5 - St. Nicholas, Mavrovo

6 - Saint Nicetas (Nikita), Banjane

7 and 8 - Saint Nicholas and Saint Petka, Vevchani

9 - Dormition of the Virgin, Ohrid

10 - Saint Nicholas, Ljubantsi

11 - Nativity of the Holy Mother of God, Skopje

Saint Nicholas, Kumanovo